• Institutional Research

    The Office of Institutional Research provides data and information in support of administrative decision-making and advancement of the College's mission.

  • The Edison State Community College Dashboard displays daily data for current enrollment activity and progress towards achieving enrollment targets.

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    The Data Repository is Edison State Community College's warehouse of longitudinal information. The Data Repository houses historical data that details our trending on various key factors including, but not necessarily limited to, enrollment, retention, completion, developmental education, comparisons and cohort students receiving financial aid. 

    Files are in PDF format. If you are unable to find the data that you are looking for, please fill out and submit the Data Request Form.

    Data Repository

    Identified by the Edison State Community College Board of Trustees, Ends Statements set the direction and strategies that are most supportive of that direction. The collective Ends represents all stakeholders… students, community, workforce, faculty and staff. Achievement of the Ends is accomplished via the monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) specific to each End and is presented to the Board of Trustees in the form of Monitoring Reports.

    2022–2023 Reports

    Core Theme I
    Core Theme II
    Core Theme III

    2021–2022 Reports

    Core Theme II

    2020–2021 Reports

    Core Theme I

    2019–2020 Reports

    Core Theme I

    2018–2019 Reports

    Core Theme I
    Core Theme II
    Core Theme III

    National surveys allow Edison State Community College to review our performance against a national cohort and to conduct peer comparisons on leading measures of effectiveness. The links below will redirect you to the location housing the following survey information. 

    National Community College Benchmark Project (NCCBP)  Upon redirect—see Benchmarks

    Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)  Upon redirect—see Student Perceptions and Satisfaction

    Noel-Levitz Inventory of Student Satisfaction  Upon redirect—see Student Perceptions and Satisfaction

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