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  • You are a vital part of the Edison State family. You play a role in everything that happens at this institution and you touch every person that walks through the doors. You work tirelessly—care endlessly—and give unselfishly. Thank you. We hope that the information provided on this page helps you do what you do as an employee of the College.

  • Please click below to complete an Academic Alert Form. 


    Spring Semester 2022–2023

    Reporting of Grades and Attendance
    Below are the grade and attendance deadlines. Submissions must be done in MyESCC. Reporting windows close at 4:00 p.m. on the day indicated. Grades are viewable by students within 6 hours. You can download a PDF of the reporting table below by clicking here.

    Attendance must be “academic attendance” which means direct participation/interaction between the instructor and student regarding academic matters.

    Students who have no academic attendance by the second meeting of the class should be reported as a no-show in the Never Attended column. For online sections, students who have no academic attendance by the second assignment/activity should be reported as a no-show in the Never Attended column.

    Progress Checks
    Submit an Academic Alert Form at weeks two (2) and four (4) for any student earning a 'D' or 'F' or who needs intervention. The Academic Alert form can be submitted anytime in addition to these check points. The Academic Alert form is available in Ellucian or by clicking here.

    Last Date of Attendance (LDA)
    When a student drops or withdraws from a class, report the LDA. An LDA is also needed for a final grade of F, U or IP. This is imperative for compliance with enrollment and financial aid regulations. Find intructions here.

    Midterm grades are a snapshot of the student's grade at the halfway point for classes that are 8-weeks or longer—after Week 4 in 8-week classes and after Week 8 in 16-week classes.

    No-Show Instructions Midterm Grading Instructions Final Grading Instructions
    Reporting 16-Week
    January 23–May 20
     8-Week Early
    January 23–March 18
     8-Week Late
    March 27–May 20
    No-Show February 5 February 5 April 9
    Drop Date (with refund) February 6 February 6 April 10
    Week 2 Progress Check February 7 February 7 April 10
    Week 4 Progress Check February 21 Midterm Midterm
    Midterm Grade & Process Check March 21 February 21 April 25
    'W' or 'UW' Deadline April 10 February 27 May 1
    Final Grades May 23 March 21 May 23

    View important academic dates by selecting a term below.

    2022–2023 Spring 2022–2023 Summer 2023–2024 Fall

    The Session Administration System (SAS) provides the ability to create Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions. Click below to login to Blackboard Collaborate. 


    Please utilize the Business Card Order Form to request Edison State Community College business cards. Click below to access this form.


    It is the mission of the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching (CEIT) to support the communication of knowledge and the faculty's love of learning, to provide the resources that enable excellent teaching and to sustain the inspiration instructors provide to their students.

    These goals are achieved through offering training in pedagogy, educational psychology, and more. Instructors are supported by way of on-line training, face-to-face workshops, newsletters and personal support. 

    CEIT produces Faculty Bulletins to share useful information which can be accessed via SharePoint. View a short list of start of the semester reminders.

    Email CEIT

    Instructor Development

    The professional development course Teaching 1.0 is available online every Monday and is offered free of charge. In addition to Teaching 1.0, there are many online resources for professional development that can be completed on your schedule!

    NOTE  You will not be able to login to COLLEAGUE remotely without having a VPN client solution on your computer. Please contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance with setup.


    NOTE  You will not be able to login to ADVISE remotely without having a VPN client solution on your computer. Please contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance with setup.


    NOTE  You will not be able to login to RECRUIT remotely without having a VPN client solution on your computer. Please contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance with setup.


    • We are accountable to ourselves and to each other to strive for excellence.
    • I will maintain professional integrity to promote trust and cooperation.
    • My interactions will express respect for equality and diversity of all.
    • I will be adaptable and responsive in an ever-changing world.
    • My actions will promote a positive work environment.
    • We will be responsible stewards of our resources.

    Employee of the Semester

    Edison State Community College strives to foster a culture that recognizes employees and celebrates accomplishments as an important element of promoting positive employee engagement and a commitment to student success.

    The Employee of the Semester program is established for all faculty, adjuncts, and staff. Through this program, employees are recognized for consistently raising expectations and reflecting a commitment to Edison Community College.

    The Employee of the Semester award is used to recognize an employee based on the following criteria:

    • Makes a difference to Edison State and/or to members of the campus community.
    • Goes above and beyond expectations.
    • Excels as a team player.
    • Strives to demonstrate Edison State's Employee Core Values.

    Nominations are due by the end of November and March with the Employee of the Semester award being presented in December and April.


    Employee Resource Manual

    The Employee Resource Manual has been created to help you navigate all aspects of being an employee of Edison State Community College. Click here or on the cover image to access a downloadable PDF.

    Click tbelow to access the Edison State Community College Faculty Resources area of the website. We hope that this area will help you locate the things that you need—in the time that you need them.


    Do you have an idea that you would like to submit for grant funding?

    Edison State Community College and the Edison Community College Foundation encourage faculty and administrative staff to explore external funding options from governmental agencies and/or private and corporate foundations, in support of academic research, improved instruction, curriculum and program development, student support, facilities and overall institutional advancement activities that align with the mission of the College.

    Please review the Grant Request Process  before submitting your request.

    When you are ready to document and submit a request, please utilize the Grant Request Fillable Form.

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE  Click on the link above to open the fillable pdf form in a new window. Place you cursor over the bottom of the pdf to view the option window. Click on the download icon to save form to your computer. Fill out the form and click the submit button to send your request to the Grants Committee.

    Institutional Planning, Effectiveness and Accreditation is committed to integrated, systematic and data-driven processes for institutional improvement. This area also addresses the institutional assessment of student learning.


    In an effort to prioritize and expedite requests for marketing materials and/or support for Edison State initiatives and events, please click the button below and fill out the Marketing Request Form. Use this form to request press releases, web support, print materials, design, social media support, digital signage, photography or other needs that may arise.


    Use the following instructions to access Edison's network while off campus.

    1. Click Start
    2. Click All Programs
    3. Click Accessories
    4. Click Remote Desktop Connection
    5. Enter for the computer name
    6. Click Connect
    7. You will then be asked to enter your Edison username and password
    8. This will connect you to the generic desktop and you will the have access to the network.

    Questions? Contact the IT Help Desk.

    Click below for Windows 10 Remote Access directions.


    To access files stored on SharePoint click below.


    Click below to view the most current Edison State Community College Strategy Map and Summary Report.


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