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  • Payment Options

    Edison State provides payment options that meet your needs. Pay now with cash, check or credit card—or pay later using the deferred payment plan option. Financial aid is also available to those who qualify.

    • Cash

      • In person only
      • Do not mail


      • Make checks payable to Edison State Community College
      • Student ID number must appear on the front of the check
      • Check must be made out for the exact amount only
      • No post-dated checks
      • Returned checks will result in an additional $25 fee

      Credit Card

      • American Express
      • Discover
      • MasterCard
      • VISA

      Payments may be made online via MyESCC or in person at the Piqua or Greenville locations.

    • If you are unable to pay your balance in full, you have the option of utilizing the Deferred Payment Plan. This option allows you to break your fall and spring semester balances into four payments. Your summer balance can be split into two payments. Please review the provisions of the Deferred Payment Plan below and monitor payment due dates in the Academic Calendar.


      The deferred payment plan is offered for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. The summer payment plan has only two payments.


      Students may enroll in a deferred payment plan by going to MyESCC ⇒ Student Finance ⇒ Make a Payment or by contacting the Business Office at 937.778.7975.


      A non-refundable service charge of $25 is assessed each semester for students using the payment plan. This fee is payable with the first payment.

      Charges Included in the Plan

      The plan is ONLY for instructional, general, lab, security and tech fees. Books, supplies, parking fees, fines, child care registration, child care fees, lamination fees and psych retreat fees are not included on this plan.

      Financial Aid and Other Tuition Assistance

      • The first payment cannot be paid by financial aid or any other tuition assistance (i.e., scholarships)
      • Any change in Financial Aid or other tuition assistance may require adjustments to your payments.
      • If you have not received a Financial Aid award letter, you must pay your fees in full or go on the payment plan and make your scheduled payments.

      Adding Classes

      If you add classes to your schedule—payments will be recalculated.

      Dropping Classes

      • If you drop a class during the refund period, your remaining payments will be reduced accordingly.
      • Dropping a class after the refund period has ended does not release you from your financial obligation under the plan.
      • Non-attendance of class or notification to instructor or department does not constitute official withdrawal. You must complete and sign a withdrawal form and return it to the Registration Office.

      Payment Method

      Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, American Express, MasterCard, VISA or Discover. Payments may be made in person, by mail or deposited in the payment drop box. Students on the deferred payment plan ARE NOT to make payments online.

      Registration After Due Date

      If you register after the first payment is due, your first payment will be due on the day of registration. The second, third and fourth payments will be due on the regularly scheduled due dates.

      Late and Partial Payments

      If either your second, third or fourth payment is not received by the due date or a partial payment is received, you will be assessed a nonrefundable $25 late fee for each late payment.

      Returned Check Fee

      If your check is returned from your bank, a returned check fee will be assessed.

      Payment Notices

      It is your responsibility to know payment due dates and make payments on time. Payment due dates can be found on the Academic Calendar.

    • The federal and state government, along with several private entities provide financial assistance to students to help you pay for your college education. While you are primarily responsible for paying for your education, you may charge your tuition, fees, books and required supplies against the financial aid awarded to your account. You may view these awards in MyESCC.

      Applying for Financial Aid can be a long process. If your eligibility, or lack thereof, has not been determined before payment is due for your classes, you will need to discuss your payment options with the Cashier's Office. (Making payments will not impact your eligibility for financial aid.)