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  • Ohio | Tech Cred  No matter your industry, technology is having an impact on the future of your business and the nature of your work. Ohio’s TechCred program gives businesses the chance to upskill current or future employees to help them qualify for a better job in today’s tech-infused economy.

    What is Ohio | TechCred?

    The Ohio TechCred program funds up to 20,000 technology-focused creditentials.

    With Edison State as a training partner, employers will have access to numerous short-term, technology-focused and industry recognized credentials which qualify for funding by Ohio’s TechCred program. In fact, employers can be reimbursed by up to $2,000* in training costs once the employee has successfully completed a credential.

    *$2,000 per employee, up to $30,000 total available per funding period.

    What is a credential?

    Credential Criteria

    Ohio | TechCredat Edison State

    Edison State offers numerous certificates which qualify for the TechCred program in the areas of

    Apprenticeships  Apprenticeships

    Business Technology  Business Technology

    Customized Training  Customized Training

    Healthcare  Healthcare Technology

    Information Technology  Information Technology and Cybersecurity

    Manufacturing  Manufacturing

    Robotics/Automation  Robotics/Automation

    Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Don’t hesitate to ask. Edison State works closely with employers to develop and provide in-demand training. Certificates completed through Ohio’s TechCred program also set participants on a direct path to later complete an associate degree.


    How do businesses get started? 

    Number 1  

    Identify skills needs and employees

    Number 4  

    Enroll employees in the program

    Number 1  

    Select your Edison State qualifying certificate

    Number 5  

    Upload proof of Edison State credential completion

    Number 1  

    Apply online to TechCred

    Number 6  

    Receive reimbursement


    EMPLOYERS  Begin the TechCred application process by clicking below.


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