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  • Edison State Works

    Edison State Community College introduces Edison State Works—a workforce "connector hub". This initiative is intended to facilitate the connection of programs and services—with students, staff, businesses, industries and residents of Darke, Miami and Shelby counties and beyond. Our West Hall area serves as a connection hub for area businesses and organizations with the intent to raise awareness, build and strengthen relationships and further develop workforce opportunities to benefit our region. 

    Edison State Works is committed to "Generating the NEXT Workforce" by promoting a method by which the following constituents may connect with the following opportunities.

  • Edison State Works… for Students

    Edison State students can benefit by:

    • gaining real world experiences via internships, apprenticeships, co-ops and/or jobs,
    • interacting with industry representatives and hands-on displays,
    • establishing career pathway relationships,
    • developing awareness of local career opportunities,
    • gaining awareness of alumni success stories.

    Edison State Works… for Faculty and Staff

    Edison State faculty and staff can benefit by:

    • interacting with local businesses, at the Edison State Works Connection Hub and/or at offsite business locations,
    • hosting business and industry classroom guest speakers,
    • highlighting career pathway opportunities in the Edison State region,
    • promoting and connecting students with internships, apprenticeships, co-ops and/or jobs, 
    • helping students establish and connect with career pathway relationships.

    Edison State Works… for Business and Industry Partners

    Edison State business and industry partners can benefit by:

    • exhibiting interactive trade show displays that highlight their products, services and/or opportunities that will be seen by students, faculty, staff and visiting community members,
    • highlighting business and/or company profiles and resources to promote awareness,
    • utilizing the opportunity to loop promotional material on campus digital signage,
    • establishing mentorships, apprenticeships, internships and co-ops,
    • showcasing scholarship opportunities and highlighting career leads,
    • employing Edison State graduates.

    Edison State Works… for Community Partners

    Edison State community partners can benefit by:

    • connecting with students, faculty and staff while promoting career opportunities, lifestyle amenities and local success stories,
    • actively engaging and raising awareness of career opportunities available in the Edison State area,
    • providing support through mentorships and scholarships.

    Edison State Works… for Alumni

    Edison State alumni can benefit by:

    • connecting with students, faculty and staff to promote alumni success stories
    • providing potential connections associated with jobs/careers for students,
    • assisting Edison State students via mentoring and scholarships.