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  • Advising

    From the beginning of your college journey—until the end—our advisors are here for you. There are various types of advising but they all share a common goal—to provide assistance and help ensure your success. Our advisors play an active role in your entry to Edison State—and they are here for you through completion. We encourage you to utilize our advising services.

    Career Pathways Advising

    Edison State's career pathways advisors are your partners in success. A career pathways advisor is the first advisor that you will meet with once you have made the decision to further your education. Together, you and your career pathways advisor will

    • Identify the right academic major to set you on your desired career path.
    • Identify the courses you'll need to accomplish your academic goals.
    • Help you develop a student educational plan (SEP) tailored to your lifestyle and work schedule.
    • Prepare you to navigate your first semester at Edison State.
    PIQUA   Ashley Homan   Business & Information Technology
    PIQUA   Amy Borgert   Engineering & Manufacturing
    PIQUA   Morgan Abney   Social & Public Services
    PIQUA   Carin Benning   Health Sciences
    PIQUA   Lornette Dallas   Health Sciences
    PIQUA   Velina Bogart   University Transfer
    EATON   Jenna Winger   All students attending the Eaton location
      Rhonda Rich   All students attending Greenville and Troy locations
  • Additional Advising Services

    Edison State's provides additional advising services based upon specific needs. You can review these services below.

  • Now you are enrolled and on your way. This does not mean that you may not require additional assistance. Are you questioning your choice of major or just have a question about it? Are you unsure what courses to take and in what order? Do you want some advice on a course or other academic issue?

    Current students can turn to the faculty advisor of their program for assistance.

    • Faculty Advisors  Faculty advisors offer unparalleled expertise in their respective field of study. Your faculty advisor will make sure that you take courses in the correct sequence and can connect you with opportunities for internships and other career builders. Your faculty advisor will work with you and help keep you on track towards graduation.

    We recommend that you meet with your faculty advisor each semester to

    • Confirm that you are pursuing the right academic major to set you on your desired career path.
    • Identify the courses needed to accomplish your academic goals.
    • Review your personalized Student Educational Plan (SEP) which is tailored to your lifestyle and work schedule.  

    Not sure who your faculty advisor is?
    Your faculty advisor's name appears on the top of your registration statement, just to the right of your name. It is also available in the "My Profile" section of WebAdvisor. If you do not have a designated faculty advisor, please submit a Declaration or Change of Major Form to Records and Registration. 

    Students may work with other advisors at different points in their academic career, depending upon their needs. In addition to career pathways and faculty advising, Edison State provides

    • Career Services Advising  Career Services advisors can help you identify your strengths and interests, match them to careers you might enjoy and provide you with resources to gain a deeper understanding of these career fields including job outlook, salary and education requirements. They can also assist you with finding a job, including resume help, interview preparation and job search skills.
    • Disability Support Services  Disability Support advisors work with students to identify and provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.
    • College Credit Plus Advising  College Credit Plus advisors work with high school students who wish to enroll in the College Credit Plus program and take college-level courses at Edison State, while still attending high school. Advisors work closely with you to identify courses that will transfer seamlessly to meet degree requirements at other colleges and universities.
    • Financial Aid Advising  Edison State's Resource specialists and Financial Aid advisors are prepared to help you understand the financial aid process and how it applies to you and your specific situation.