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  • File your FAFSA early!

    The FAFSA is available to all students beginning on October 1 of each year. See information below.

  • We are here for you and we want you to succeed! That's why one of our top priorities is to maintain an environment that enables you to get the most from you education. The following provides direction on how and where to access some of the forms of assistance that you may need.

  • Learning does not end in the classroom. That's why we provide you with an ever-growing list of athletic programs, clubs and activities, study abroad opportunities and resources that allow you to learn outside the classroom.

    Student Life

    In an continuing effort to provide students with the most comprehensive service available, we introduce ADVISE. Advise is a service being offered by Edison State that will provide the ability for us to assist you with your student services needs via SMS text messaging. Please click below to read the TERMS OF SERVICE | PRIVACY NOTICE for the ADVISE text alert system.

    ADVISE TOS | Privacy

    Right here! Stay on top of registration, payment, withdraw and refund dates. If you want to see what else is happening on campus, click the button below.

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    YES.  There are many ways to receive college credit. The following information outlines the conditions by which you may have an opportunity to earn college credit for non-collegiate learning that you have garnered prior to enrolling at Edison State Community College. Make arrangements to apply for prior learning credit as soon as possible after admission.

    You may receive credit for an Edison State Community College course by using one of the methods listed below to demonstrate successful completion of appropriate prior academic and or/work experience. Credit awards must be equivalent to a particular course. Elective credit is not awarded for prior learning. Up to 30 credit hours may be earned via prior learning.

    Students should be aware that prior learning credit awarded by Edison State Community College may not be applicable to degrees at other colleges or universities. A student who intends to transfer to another college or university should consult with a transfer advisor at that institution concerning the transferability of Edison State prior-learning credit.

    The following are methods by which prior learning credit may be awarded.

    Career Tech Agreements  Career Tech is a program of study that begins in a student's junior year of high school or career center and continues at Edison State Community College. Career Tech allows students to earn credits toward their college degree while they are attending high school. Click here for more Career Tech Agreement information. Transfer Career-Technical Credit is a site to search statewide articulation agreements call CTAGs.

    Advanced Placement (AP)   Edison State awards credit for appropriate scores (generally 3 or higher) on nationally-recognized Advanced Placement (AP) exams. To receive credit for Advanced Placement exams, submit your scores to Edison State Community College, Registration and Records Office for evaluation. Appropriate credit will be awarded and will appear on your transcript as credit by exam. There is no charge for the posting of Advanced Placement credit.

    Edison State Proficiency Exams   You may receive credit for some Edison State Community College courses by way of an internal proficiency or 'test out' procedure. Students register for a proficiency exam, pay the appropriate fee and are contacted by the proctor to arrange an appointment for the exam. Once a proficiency exam is successfully completed and passed, appropriate credit will be awarded and will appear on your transcript as credit by exam. There is no refund for failed exams. For additional information about test out options, contact an advisor.

    • You may not earn credit by exam for a course you have already completed at Edison State. A course is defined as 'completed' if you received a grade of A, B, C, D, F, S, U, IP or W.
    • If you are enrolled in a course and you would like to 'test out,' you must drop the course before you can take the test. The course must be dropped within the drop period. You will be required to pay the appropriate fee before attempting to 'test out' of a course. 
    • If you do not pass the exam, you may not retake the exam for a period of one year.

    College Level Examination Program (CLEP)   Edison State awards credit for appropriate scores on the nationally-recognized CLEP exam. The College Board website provides study and review resources for CLEP exams. You are encouraged to visit this site for study tips, test samples and additional resources. To receive credit for CLEP, submit your scores to Edison State Community College, Registration and Records Office. Appropriate credit will be awarded and will appear on your transcript as a credit by exam. There is no charge for the posting of credit by exam. To schedule a CLEP exam, email Meghan Cotterman or phone 937.778.7950.

    DSST Subject Standardized Tests   Edison State will award credit for DSST exams. To receive credit, submit your DSST transcript to Edison State Community College, Registration and Records Office for evaluation. Appropriate credit will be awarded and will appear on your transcript as credit by exam.

    Professional Exams   You may be eligible for credit for the successful completion of nationally-recognized professional exams that support the mastery of skills or competencies related to your Edison State degree or certificate requirements. Students may be eligible to receive credit for an Edison State course or group of courses related to the skills or competencies tested on the exam. Credit awards are based on the American Council of Education recommendations. An advisor can recommend course equivalencies for professional exams.

    Portfolio Evaluation  You may be eligible for credit for the demonstrated mastery of skills or competencies though work experience. Credits may be awarded if learning corresponds directly to a course currently offered at Edison State. Specific documentation and verification of knowledge and applicability to the equivalent course(s) is required. This procedure measures your achievement of specific course objectives as evaluated by subject experts. You should discuss this program with an advisor and meet informally with a faculty member for each course, to clarify questions about portfolio components, requirements and procedures. For more information and to begin the Portfolio process click here.

    Edison Alerts

    Edison State Community College has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide an emergency alert system called Edison Alerts. All current students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in the program. Upon enrollment, you will receive an email notification from Edison Alerts, prompting you to complete the registration process. This email notification will be sent to your Edison State email account.

    Text or Voice Message Alerts  Those registered are highly encouraged to login to the Rave Mobile Safety site to add cell phone numbers and any additional email addresses where you would like to receive Edison Alerts. You must complete the registration process in order to receive Edison Alerts by text, phone or personal email.

    NOTE  Your cell phone provider may charge a per-text message fee for the delivery of emergency notifications to your phone.

    If deemed necessary by the Vice President of Administration and Finance, a campus-wide alert will be issued in the event that a situation arises and causes a threat either on or off campus. Students, faculty, staff and other registered users will receive the warning through Edison Alerts. Depending upon the particular circumstances of the situation, especially in all situations that could pose an immediate threat to the community and individuals, a notice may also be posted on the College website homepage and on social media channels.

    If you have questions or problems setting up your Edison Alerts, please contact Helen Willcox or Campus Security for assistance.

    College can be challenging. That is why we work hard to provide a range of services to help you along the way. 

    Campus Services

    Help is available! All students enrolled at Edison State Community College are eligible to receive free learning assistance and tutoring services. 


    The IT Help Desk exists to maintain and improve user experience on campus. The IT Help Desk is available whenever you need it. 

    IT Help Desk

    Our advisors are here for you. From your first day of classes until graduation, and beyond. Click the button below for more information on advising assistance.


    Experiencing a problem? Should you encounter a problem, academic or non-academic, you can fill out a Student Complaint Form. A complaint form can be completed online, or you can pick up a form in the Chief Student Affairs office. Click the button below to begin the Student Complaint Form process.

    Student Complaint Form

  • File Your FAFSA Early

    IMPORTANT  The FAFSA will be available to all students beginning on October 1 of each year.

    2022-2023 FAFSA Process Changes