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  • Auditing a Course

    At Edison State, we welcome students who want to audit course(s). Students who choose to audit a course are expected to attend the class but are not expected to complete class assignments.  

    As an Edison State student auditing a course, you will not recieve grades or credits. You will be expected to attend class but you will not have to submit assignments or take exams. The fees for auditing a course are the same as those for enrolling for credit. Changing status from audit to credit or from credit to audit is permitted only before the class meets during the second week of the semester.

    If you are age 60 or older and an Ohio resident, the instructional fees are waived. You will be responsible for any other applicable fees. To see a list of applicable fees, click here.

    Enrollment for those who wish to audit a course is on a space-available basis and open one week prior to the first day of each term. Click here to view audit registration dates for each semester.

    If you wish to earn credit for courses, you may pay the instructional fees, in addition to any other applicable fees. You may enroll anytime during the registration period. Additionally, you will be required to fulfill requirements outlined under regular admission.



  • You can use MyESCC to explore Edison State course offerings. Filter the search by term, course, location or time to narrow your results.

    Registration opens one week before each term. A registration form must be completed and submitted for each semester. Registration forms must be submitted to the Student Affairs office at an Edison State location.

    Edison State at Piqua
    1973 Edison Drive
    Piqua, OH 45356
    Edison State at Greenville
    601 Wagner Avenue
    Greenville, OH 45331
    Edison State at Eaton
    450 Washington Jackson Road
    Eaton, OH 45320
    Edison State at Troy
    859 W. Market Street
    Troy, OH 45373