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    Student Handbook

    We are here for you and we want you to succeed. We work hard to maintain and expand upon resources that will be beneficial to you as a student. These resources range from vast library assets and the tutoring center—to the fitness and early childhood development centers. We hope that these resources aid in your success and help you make the most of your time at Edison State.

    The links below will provide expanded information about the services that are in place for you as a student of Edison State Community College. In addition, please familiarize yourself with the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook has been compiled with the express purpose of answering many of the questions that you may have, as well as explaining Edison State policies and procedures. Click the cover to view the digital publication or click here for a downloadable PDF.

  • The mission of the Accessibility and Disability Support Services Department is to enhance each student's individual educational experience by preventing discrimination on the basis of disability and the right to reasonable accommodations allowing equal access to programs and services for individuals with disabilities who request services.


    Visit the official Edison State Online Bookstore for course materials, as well as collegiate apparel and gift ideas.  


    Edison State is dedicated to maintaining an environment that enables you to succeed. Staff and facilities are available to help you position yourself, both mentally and physically, to get the most from your education.


    When you are ready, the Career and Job Services team can help you assemble your resume, prepare for interviews and enhance the skills necessary to find a job.


    Charger Station food pantries are available to all registered students and can be found at all Edison State locations during regular business hours. Pick up a snack, toiletries, baby items, school supplies and local resource information whenever you need to. 

    The Charger Station at the Piqua campus is located in room 163, directly across from the Student Services suite. Charger Stations are located in the student lounge area at all regional locations—Troy, Greenville and Eaton.

    The Edison State Child Development Center is a nationally accredited developmental program of care and education for children ages 3 years through kindergarten. The program is open to the children of local communities as well as to children of Edison State students, faculty and staff.


    The Communication, Awareness, Response & Evaluation (CARE) Team exists to provide a route of communication, assessment, and intervention for behaviors exhibited by members of the College community which if left unaddressed, could impact the teaching-learning environment.


    Edison Alerts

    Edison State Community College has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide an emergency alert system called Edison Alerts. All current students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in the program. Upon enrollment, you will receive an email notification from Edison Alerts, prompting you to complete the registration process. This email notification will be sent to your Edison State email account.

    Text or Voice Message Alerts  Those registered are highly encouraged to login to the Rave Mobile Safety site to add cell phone numbers and any additional email addresses where you would like to receive Edison Alerts. You must complete the registration process in order to receive Edison Alerts by text, phone or personal email.

    NOTE  Your cell phone provider may charge a per-text message fee for the delivery of emergency notifications to your phone.

    If deemed necessary by the Vice President of Administration and Finance, a campus-wide alert will be issued in the event that a situation arises and causes a threat either on or off campus. Students, faculty, staff and other registered users will receive the warning through Edison Alerts. Depending upon the particular circumstances of the situation, especially in all situations that could pose an immediate threat to the community and individuals, a notice may also be posted on the College website homepage and on social media channels.

    If you have questions or problems setting up your Edison Alerts, please contact the Department of Public Safety for assistance.

    Our indoor and outdoor fitness centers are available to students, faculty, staff and the community. In addition to a weight room, the indoor fitness center also has an aerobics room where various YMCA exercise classes are held throughout the year.


    The Student Wellness Office operates on Edison State's Piqua Campus to meet the health and wellness needs of students, faculty and staff.


    The IT Help Desk is your first stop for support with Edison State user IDs and passwords, Edison State e-mail, Blackboard and WebAdvisor.


    The Edison State Library is open to all students and hosts a large array of academic resources.


    Click below to view a current list of religious holidays and festivals.


    Should you encounter a problem, academic or non-academic, you can fill out a Student Complaint Form. A complaint form can be completed online or you can pick up a form in the Provost's office. Click below to begin the Student Complaint Form process.


    The Edison State Community College Student Handbook is your resource for policies, departments and services available. It also functions as a guide to performing tasks such as transferring credit to or from Edison State or starting a club.

    NOTE  Program specific handbooks can be found on each of their respective pages of the academic catalog. Click here for a downloadable PDF of the Student Handbook or click below for the digital publication.


    The Student Resource Center and Pantry is located in Room 163, at the Piqua campus, across from the Student Affairs Office. You can find resource information on local mental health care, child care, insurance, transportation, emergency housing, rental assistance, utility assistance and more. The Piqua Campus Charger Station is also located in this space and has snacks, grab-and-go lunches, toiletries, baby items and school supplies. The Charger Station Pantry is available to any registered Edison State student during regular building hours. Please send questions, requests for more information or recommendations for needed items to 

    All students enrolled at Edison State are eligible to receive learning assistance services, including tutoring and the use of the learning lab.