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  • Mission, Vision, Values


    Edison State Community College provides the learning opportunities, support services and commitment that enable students to complete their educational goals and realize their dreams.


    Edison State Community College will be the region’s premier resource for higher education by employing our core values, commitment to student success, strategic initiatives and community collaboration.


    The core values are a set of principles that guide Edison State Community College in creating its educational programs and environment. They will be reflected in every aspect of the College. Students' educational experiences will incorporate the core values at all levels, so that a student who completes a degree program at Edison State Community College will not only have been introduced to each value, but will have had them reinforced and refined at every opportunity.

    • We are accountable to ourselves and to each other to strive for excellence.
    • I will maintain integrity to promote trust and cooperation.
    • My interactions will express respect for equality and diversity of all.
    • I will be adaptable and responsive in an ever-changing world.
    • My actions will promote a positive environment.
    • We will be responsible stewards of our resources.


    • Ethics
    • Critical Thinking
    • Human Diversity
    • Inquiry | Respect for Learning
    • Interpersonal Skills | Teamwork
    • Written and Oral Communication


    "A personal experience, a rewarding education."

    What can our students expect? This question is the core of the "brand promise"—our definition of what our students expect to receive in their time with us.

    Edison State's brand promise has two parts. The first, "a personal experience", acknowledges that each student is a unique individual, and the faculty and staff will endeavor to create a college experience that is memorable and personal for each student.

    The second part of the brand promise, "a rewarding education", encompasses the broad spectrum of reasons why students attend college. "Rewards" of higher education may range from a self-image to financial security and Edison State's brand promise ensures that we all strive to empower each individual to reach his or her personal and educational life goals.

    2023–2026 Strategic Plan

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    Taking Excellence and Innovation to the Next Level

    The 2023–2026 Strategic Plan provides tactical direction for Edison State and is guided by our vision, mission, values, and student learning outcomes. This plan is intended to be an integral part of the Edison State overall operations and daily initiatives. Outcomes presented here are the result of collaborative efforts from a host of stakeholders including alumni, students, staff, faculty, and community and business leaders from across our service region.