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  • Visiting Students Title

    Are you a student at another college? If you regularly attend a college other than Edison State, we welcome you—as a visiting/transient student—to apply for admission and enroll at Edison State for additional credits. Your home college should be consulted on course selections to ensure that courses satisfy your program requirements.

    NOTE  Financial aid is not available for non-degree or non-certificate students.

    Follow the steps below to get started.

    Number 1    Submit an Application 

    New and returning students—apply now.

    Number 2  Provide Your High School Transcript
    The academic records submitted with your application will be evaluated to determine course placement. Submit your transcript here. 
    Number 3  Register for Classes
    Set up an advising appointment to discuss academic planning, including any placement testing that may be required prior to course registration. Find your career pathways advisor's contact info here.