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    Employee Resources

    The following information is important to you as an employee of Edison State Community College.

      General Employee Information

    • Adjunct Salary Scale
      Part-time instruction of credit courses is paid at a special contract hour rate. One lecture hour per/week per/term = one contract hour; one supervised laboratory hour per/week per/term = 3/4 contract hour. Payment for part-time instruction will be paid according to the following schedule (effective Fall 2023)
    • ⇒   0–29.99 cumulative hours taught ⇒ $545.00
    • ⇒ 30–59.99 cumulative hours taught ⇒ $572.00
    • ⇒ 60+ cumulative hours taught ⇒ $620.00
    • Campus Hours
    • General campus hours can be found here. Special campus hours for holidays and/or breaks are communicated via email.
    • Grants
      The Edison Foundation's Classroom | Department Mini-Grant Program is designed to provide financial support for projects, programs and services not funded through the employees' regular departmental budgets. All full-time faculty and staff are eligible to apply for a mini-grant. To be considered, the scope of the request must support the mission of the College and directly impact Edison State students. A committee from The Edison Foundation Board of Directors and staff will choose grant recipients, allocating up to $500 for each proposal. The committee's goal is to award as many grants as possible to eligible faculty and/or staff. For more information on the program, click here.
    • Keys | Pass Cards
      Key cards are issued after approval by the appropriate academic dean. Once approved, contact Administrative Services in Room 161 to have a card issued.
    • Liability Insurance
      Edison State has general liability coverage of $1 million with a $10 million liability umbrella for all faculty—for a combined total of $11 million. The professional medical staff policy, which covers the nursing faculty has a $5 million policy. Each faculty member may, if desired, obtain additional coverage. Faculty members should use good judgement in order to avoid situations which could potentially result in a liability action. Additional information regarding liability coverage can be found here.
    • Mailboxes
      Each faculty member is assigned a mailbox. On the Piqua campus, mailboxes are located in the Staff Lounge | Room 350. Contact the Edison State at Greenville, Edison State at Eaton or Edison State at Troy location for mailbox locations. Faculty should check their mailbox before each class. We must rely on you to convey important information to our students. For faculty who teach off-campus, you may pick up your materials or request for them to be mailed to you.
    • Office Space
      Adjunct faculty may utilize any available shared workspaces. These workspaces are located on various hallways. Adjuncts may also utilize the staff lounges in Rooms 350 and 405 on the Piqua campus. Staff lounges are equipped with computers, copiers, refrigerators, microwaves, tables and file drawers. You are welcome to use a staff lounge to hang coats, work and eat meals. Quiet workspace is also available in the Library and at the Greenville, Eaton and Troy locations. Please remember that students—including student workers—are not permitted in the lounge areas. If an adjunct needs to meet with a student, open adjunct offices are available on a first-come basis. These rooms are designated by an "Adjunct Office" sign on the door.
    • Professional Development
      In addition to internal professional development that is provided on a continual basis, each full-time faculty member is allotted $900/annually to be used for professional development. Adjunct faculty are invited and encouraged to take advantage of internal professional development opportunities. 
    • Promotion and Rank
      Promotion should be recognition of the mastery of the characteristics associated with a rank. Since these characteristics assume excellence and commitment to teaching and learning, faculty seeking promotion should be assisted and guided in achieving that goal. The Provost will provide faculty with the Promotion Handbook and Rubric by December 15 so that applications can be completed prior to the February 1—5:00 p.m. deadline.
    • Room Reservations
      Room reservations may be made by contacting Administrative Services in Room 161 or by filling out a Facilities Use Request Form.
    • Sick or Personal Time
      The Employee Leave Request Form must be completed to request a leave of absence, sick leave and/or personal time off. All leave and compensatory time requests (except for illness) must be pre-approved and submitted to the appropriate dean before leave is taken. For more information on full-time faculty sick leave policies, refer to Article XV "Sick Leave" on page 44 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This document can be found in SharePoint.
    • State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) Information
      All eligible employees participate in the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS), the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) or an Alternate Retirement Plan (ARP) if applicable. Eligibility in these systems is governed by Chapter 3305 of the Ohio Revised Code. For more information, contact the Human Resources department.
    • Travel and Expense Reimbursement
      The Request to Travel Form (this link will download an Excel document to your computer) needs to be completed and approved by the appropriate dean prior to travel. The Travel Expense Form needs to be completed in order to be reimbursed for any personal expenditures.  
    • Tuition Reimbursement | Tuition Waiver
      Full-time faculty members of Edison State Community College, their spouse and/or dependent children are eligible for tuition-free enrollment in credit classes offered by the College. The faculty member is responsible for paying all other fees. To apply, complete the Faculty Tuition Reimbursement Application and return to the Human Resources Department. Full-time faculty may also obtain partial tuition reimbursement for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework taken at a regionally accredited, four-year college or university. Tuition remission must be applied for and approved in advance. Download the Tuition Remission Procedure Form for additional information and application form.
    • Adjunct faculty members who are currently teaching or taught in the previous semester are eligible for tuition-free enrollment in credit classes offered by the College. The adjunct faculty member is responsible for paying all other fees. This benefit also applies to a spouse and/or dependent children. Tuition waived will be calculated on the value of one (1) credit hour of tuition for every two (2) credit hours taught (rounded down). To apply, complete the Employee Tuition Waiver Form and return to the Human Resources department.

      Employee Functions and Forms

    • Accident Reporting and Procedures
      The Accident Report Form should be completed and returned to the Human Resources department as soon as possible after an accident occurs.
    • Computer | Email Account Access
      Faculty are provided with user accounts that allow for access to email and other services including WebAdvisor and printers. This user account also allows faculty to access personal desktop features from any college computer.
    • Computer Availability | Responsible Use
      The Edison State LAN Agreement applies to ALL users of Edison State computing resources, whether affiliated with the College or not, and whether the user accesses resources from on campus or remotely, or via college owned or personally owned technology device(s).
    • Contact Information Update
      Faculty contact information—including personal email and phone numbers—are listed in the profile section of WebAdvisor. This information is also available from the appropriate Academic Project Specialist. Faculty should update this information as needed by contacting the Human Resources department or the appropriate Academic Project Specialist.
    • Faculty Evaluation | Class Observations
      Students will receive online evaluation forms and directions for completing the surveys prior to the end of each term. The results of the student evaluation will be made available to instructors via the appropriate dean at the end of the term. In addition to student evaluations, the evaluation process may also include classroom observations by the appropriate dean or other personnel. These observations will typically be arranged in advance. 
    • Faculty Orientation
      New full-time faculty hires will follow the College's new employee process, in addition to any orientation process offered by the appropriate dean or program coordinator. New adjunct faculty will receive an abbreviated orientation via their full-time program coordinator. For more information, contact the Human Resources department.
    • Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
      The duties and responsibilities of faculty include teaching and effective advisement of students. Full-time faculty will provide service to the College, including participation in appropriate non-classroom teaching functions and performance of assigned administrative obligations; and on-going professional development and professional service. For full policies, please refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which can be found in SharePoint. Once in SharePoint, navigate to Academic Division and then to Academic Forms.
    • Parking | Vehicle Registration
      All students, faculty and staff must display a current, valid parking permit to park on any Edison State campus. Parking lots are monitored by security personnel. Failure to display a permit will result in a fine. Failure to pay the fine may result in further penalties. Visitors are urged to obtain and display a free, temporary visitor's permit from the individual that they are visiting. Complete information can be found on the Campus Safety and Security web page and expanding the Parking Regulations tab.
    • Program Coordinators | Duties and Responsibilities
      It is the duty of Program/Discipline Coordinators to:
      ⇒ Recommend staffing for full-time and adjunct faculty.
      ⇒ Inform dean of any needs that new adjunct faculty may have.
      ⇒ Participate in the selection process for new adjuncts by reviewing applications for appropriateness of education and experience; make necessary arrangements for—and participate in—the interview process; and confer with the dean.
      ⇒ Assist new adjuncts with orientation to the College and to the position, and provision of textbook(s) and course material(s).
      ⇒ See that adjuncts are assigned mentors as required; coordinate the work of mentors; and handle problems as they arise, referring any serious problems to the dean.
      ⇒ Provide adjunct faculty with syllabi and other course materials to ensure professional standards, quality and effectiveness in reaching course outcomes.
      ⇒ Coordinate the review and revision of course schedules including coordination with other departments; and monitoring of enrollment per section, in order to make recommendations for addition/deletion of sections.
      ⇒ Coordinate the scheduling and maintenance of classroom computer labs.
      ⇒ Coordinate curriculum revision, TAG and/or OTM submission, syllabi revision and textbook adoption.
      ⇒ Coordinate community involvement in program(s).
      ⇒ Coordinate recruitment and marketing efforts for program(s) in conjunction with the dean and other appropriate College offices.
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