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    Ohio is booming!  Ohio is investing in apprenticeship programs because businesses are growing and skilled workers are in high demand. Employers need skilled workers in many sectors—from manufacturing and medicine to computer technology and security.

  • "The other four-year degree!"  A registered apprenticeship program allows you to develop the skills needed for a rewarding career while earning a paycheck and without accumulating a large amount of student loan debt. You will work full-time and learn skills through on-the-job training with a master craftsman. At the same time, you will take classes that are relevant to the work that you are doing.

    Apprenticeship programs are perfect for providing you with the high-level skills needed by today's businesses. Each apprenticeship program includes a minimum of 2,000 hours of structured on-the-job training and 144 hours per year of related technical instruction. You will take classes at Edison State to fulfill the necessary hours of related instruction while working full-time! As a program participant, you will earn a nationally recognized credential and can complete a certificate or degree program relevant to your work.

    Get paid to learn!  Apprenticeship programs provide you with the opportunity to work full-time and receive a post-secondary education—without accumulating huge amounts of student loan debt. As an apprentice, you will have access to a variety of high-demand career opportunities and can receive a nationally recognized credential, all while getting paid.

    Students who participate in apprenticeship programs receive a sustainable income and benefits while they are in training. Apprenticeships also provide participants with increased skill sets, job security and a lifetime of improved wages. 

    Edison State Community College can connect you with local employers that have apprenticeship program opportunities. We will also advise and guide you through the process of fulfilling the related instruction requirements. As a registered apprenticeship sponsor for the state of Ohio, Edison State offers the courses necessary to fulfill the required 144 hours of related technical instruction that you will need. We will assist you every step of the way, from enrollment through completion. We will track related hours of instruction and on-the-job training and will provide coordination between you and your employer regarding enrollment in courses that meet the related hours of instruction standards established in the program.

    We love success stories!  As we celebrate National Apprentice Week, November 8–14, we would like to introduce you to Edison State students who are benefitting from our apprenticeship programs. Take a look!

    Emiliano Segura

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