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    Emiliano Segura 

    Emiliano Segura

    Hometown | Greenville
    High School | Tri-Village High School
    Registered Apprenticeship Program | Nursing Assistant Apprentice
    Employer | Brethren Retirement Community • Greenville, Ohio

    Employer says:

    “Emiliano is an awesome STNA! He has such compassion for those in his care. He understands Dementia care and always meets his residents wherever they happen to be in their journey at the moment. Emiliano is a team player. He works well with others and floats wherever we need him to work whether that is LTC or short stay rehab. Great asset to Team BRC!”

    —Jona Liette, RN
    Nurse Manager & Infection Preventionist

    Why did you choose this career field?  I actually started out at the Brethren Retirement Community working in dietary. I decided to become a nursing assistant because I really enjoy helping people. I knew that my goal was to eventually become a nurse and I felt like this was a stepping stone into that career field.

    How has the learn and earn model helped you stand out?  This approach has helped me develop my skills as an STNA, as well as other soft skills that I will need as a nurse to interact with patients. The apprenticeship model has also enabled me to save enough money to purchase my first car and to save up for future educational costs. I feel like not many people my age have the opportunity to do that and it is very special to me.

    What are your career goals?  I would really like to become a pediatric trauma nurse because I enjoy interacting with children and younger adolescents.

    How has Edison State helped you with the success of this career path?  Edison State is helping me by providing me with the education and proper training and skills that I need to become a nurse. I feel that with Edison State’s help, I could become a very good nurse.

    What courses are you currently taking at Edison State?  I am taking Medical Terminology and Introduction to Healthcare. I have learned a lot and I feel that these classes are going to help me later with my nursing career. I really enjoy both classes and I’m glad that I got into them.

    Would you recommend the apprenticeship pathway to others?  I would definitely recommend this pathway to other students. It has helped me a lot and will continue to help me in the future. I feel that it is a great option for students.

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