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  • Diversity Activities Handbook

    Diversity Activities Handbook

    The Diversity Activities Handbook consists of activities that can be used in the classroom or in the setting of your choice. These activities are brief and are provided as a supplement to regular classroom curriculum. The intent is simply to introduce diversity concepts and to promote dialog. Click the cover to the right to view the digital publication or click here for a downloadable PDF version.

    These activities can be:

    • Individual experiences or group events (done in pairs, small groups or through web-based conversation, such as chat, or collaboration on blackboard),
    • Magnified or minimized, based upon the audience,
    • A single event or a series of events done over time,
    • Enhanced with facilitated dialogues that promote “conversations of connection”,
    • Communicated through a variety of vehicles, such as oral, written presentation, handouts, index cards and/or emails.