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  • CCP/Career Tech Tuition Waiver

    Edison State Community College is assisting 2022 high school graduates with a new College Credit Plus/Career-Technology tuition waiver. The waiver covers 100% of the tuition cost for graduating high school students who have completed at least six (6) credit hours through CCP with Edison State, articulated coursework, Career-Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG) or any combination. Take advantage of the 100% tuition waiver by completing the steps below. 



    Take advantage of this exciting opportunity by completing these simple steps in the following order.

    Number 1

    Click HERE to apply.

    Submit a Major Declaration
    by clicking HERE.

    Number 2

    FILE the FAFSA.
    Your FAFSA must
    be on file before the
    waiver can be awarded.
    File as soon as possible.

    Number 3

    REGISTER for classes
    by contacting your

    Number 4

    the CCP/Career-Tech
    tuition waiver application by
    clicking HERE.


  • The waiver covers 100% of the base tuition rate. Tuition rates are charged per credit hour and include the instructional fee, general fee, technology fee, activity fee and career services fee. Any financial aid awarded to the student will pay first.

    The waiver does not cover the cost of textbooks and other course supplies, lab fees for individual courses, the security fee, proficiency exam fee, portfolio evaluation fee, online course fee and web-flex course fee.

    This offer is available to all 2022 graduating seniors in the Edison State service area (Darke, Miami, Preble and Shelby counties) and students graduating from a CCP or Career-Technical partner high school. Homeschooled students living within the Edison State service area are also eligible.

    You are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

    • You have completed at least six (6) credit hours through the CCP program with Edison State, Career-Tech articulated coursework, CTAG coursework or any combination of these programs. 
    • You are new to Edison State and have submitted an application. 
    • You are a current CCP or Career-Tech student and have submitted a Major Declaration Form.
    • You have completed the CCP/Career-Tech tuition waiver application.
    • You make an appointment to meet with a Career Pathways Advisor to register for classes.
    • You enroll at Edison State in the summer, fall or spring semester—immediately following your graduation.
    • You stay continuously enrolled at Edison State (fall and spring semesters).
    • Once established, waiver eligibility will remain for each continuously enrolled semester until degree completion OR the completion of 70 total credit hours.

    Students MUST file the FAFSA before the waiver can be awarded. Students MUST accept any grants and/or scholarships that may be awarded before receiving the waiver.

    • It is recommended to file the FAFSA as soon as possible.
    • Visit and enter Edison State’s code: 012750
    • This is a last-dollar waiver that is only applied to students’ accounts after all other grants and/ or scholarships are awarded.
    • If other forms of financial aid cover tuition charges for the semester, the waiver will not be applied.

  • Click here for more info

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    859 West Market Street


    601 Wagner Avenue


    450 Washington Jackson Road


    Edison State reserves the right to amend or cancel this tuition waiver program due to capacity issues at any time.