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  • Annual Employee Scholarship Campaign

    Illuminating the future
    "By Edison State… For Edison State"

    As faculty and staff, we believe that our work here Edison State Community College shapes the lives of our students and strengthens our community. We believe that the impact that we make empowers our students to realize their dreams. We believe in the value of what we do.

    Giving back to Edison State through our annual scholarship campaign is an opportunity to affirm the belief in the importance of our work—on behalf of our students and our community.

    Our gifts are important. When those of us closest to the college show our pride and dedication with a financial gift, it demonstrates to our community, business partners, alumni and others that Edison State Community College is worthy of their support.

    NOTE  We try our best, but if we missed anyone—please let us know and we will happily make the correction.

    Employee Name   Employee Name
    Morgan Abney
    Gail Ahmed
    Marva Archibald
    Karen Baker
    Amy Barr
    Chad Beanblossom
    Jill Bobb
    Amy Bogert
    Mary Bornhorst
    Steve Brown
    Rachel Carlisle
    Jessica Chambers
    Loleta Collins
    Amy Crow
    Carl DeSantis
    Trisha Elliott
    Maura Felts
    Andrea Francis
    Roger Fulk
    Lisa Hall
    Rick Hanes
    Paul Heintz
    Harold Hitchcock
    Tony Human
    Carolyn Jackson
      Kim Kiehl
    Heather Lanham
    Doreen Larson
    Beka Lindeman
    Bruce McKenzie
    Janice Michael
    Vince Miller
    Brian Murphy
    Kara Myers
    Brandi Olberding
    Linda Peltier
    Norma Petkus
    Rhonda Rich
    Amber Selhorst
    Pat Shade
    Julie Slattery
    Chris Spradlin
    Maggie Sykes
    Steve Sykes
    Marissa Teneyuque
    Sharon Thomas
    Mona Walters
    Laura Wetterer
    Steve Whiteman
    Peggy Wiggins
  • The Edison Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit tax-exempt organization.