• Strategic Planning

    Edison State Community College works diligently to support and align with our mission, vision and values in all that we do. During 2017 to 2019, the campus will engage in six Strategic Projects that relate directly to our college end goals and align with our mission and vision. The six Strategic Projects are shown below. A seventh Strategic Project, Strategic Planning for 2019–2022, will lead us in the development of a new Strategic Plan.

    2017–2019 Strategic Projects

    Strategy Map

    We view the purpose and importance of a Strategy Map to be as follows:

    • To give employees a clear line of sight into how their jobs are linked to the overall objectives of the organization; 
    • To show cause-and-effect links by which specific improvements create desired outcomes; 
    • To show how an organization will convert initiatives and resources into outcomes; 
    • To show the knowledge, skills and systems that employees will need to innovate and build the right strategic capabilities and efficiencies to deliver value to the stakeholders.

    The following is a snapshot of the 2017–2019 Strategy Map. Click on the image below to expand your view.

    2017-2019 Strategy Map
    Previous Years' Strategy Maps                
    2016–2018 Strategy Map   2015–2016 Strategy Map
    2014–2015 Strategy Map
    2013-2014 Strategy Map