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  • Marin Reis 

    Marin Reis

    Centerville, Ohio
    Associate of Science, Exercise Science

    Marin served as a team captain of the Edison State women's basketball team and was part of the sophomore class that won a record 49 games for the College. 

    I have lived in Centerville my entire life. I have three siblings. We are a family of six and I love spending time with them. I support my family in any way that I can. I have been accepted into the University of Dayton where I plan to get my bachelor's degree in exercise science. 

    What are you passionate about?  I am extremely passionate about helping people. Whether it is coaching basketball or volunteering at the hospital—I enjoy helping out where I can.  

    What do you enjoy doing in your free time?  I love spending time outside. I like taking hikes with my dog, laying by the pool or shooting hoops with my sister. 

    Who is your favorite instructor, coach or mentor?  Coach Tim McMahon has helped me, not only with basketball, but with some awesome opportunities outside of the sport.

    If you could instantly become fluent in another language, what would it be?  I would choose Spanish! I know a decent amount, but to be fluent would be really cool.

    What school activities, clubs or sports are you involved in?  I was a member of the Edison State women's basketball team and was a team captain this past year. 

    What are your career goals?  After getting my degree in exercise science, I would like to become a physical therapist and specialize in sports rehabilitation.   

    What influenced your decision to choose the particular major/career path that you are in?  While playing basketball, I was injured several times. I understand athletes and their need to return to play. I love helping people and helping athletes would be so awesome.