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  • Javier Rivera

    Javier Rivera

    Los Angeles, California     
    Cybersecurity A.A.B.
    Military Experience | United States Marine Corps—AH-1/UH-1 Airframe Mechanic

    Aside from acquiring a bachelor's degree, I plan to pursue several certificates in networking and security.   

    Do you have children and/or pets?  Yes. A daughter named Luna.  

    What is your favorite hobby or boredom buster?  I play older generation video console games.

    What is the last goal you set for yourself—that you achieved?  To network more effectively at work and develop skill sets by cross-training in other areas.

    What do you do to relax?  I watch Reading Rainbow with my daughter and wife.

    If you had your own late-night talk show, who would you invite as your first guest?  The former Commandant of the Marine Corps and former Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis.

    What song or album could you listen to on repeat?  "Where Is My Mind" by Trampled by Turtles

    If you had to delete all but three apps on your phone, which ones would you keep?  Microsoft Edge browser, Reddit and the messaging app

    If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Potatoes. They are versatile in use. 

    Are you an "early riser" or a "night owl?"  Early riser. You get more accomplished this way. 

    Would you try space tourism if money were no object?  Absolutely. The tourism and dynamics of life in space intrigues me. 

    What is one popular book, TV show or movie that you have never read or seen?  Any "Harry Potter" book after "The Goblet of Fire" 

    What is your favorite season?  Fall. Festivals and holidays heavily influence this. 

    What influenced your decision to choose the major or career path that you did?  The Marine Corps way of handling Operational Security and Risk Management tied into the field that I chose. It was a grand transition! 

    What do you plan to do after graduating from Edison State?  Aside from acquiring a bachelor's degree, I plan to pursue several certificates in networking and security.