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    Ohio is booming!  Ohio is investing in apprenticeship programs because businesses are growing and skilled workers are in high demand. Employers need skilled workers in many sectors—from manufacturing and medicine to computer technology and security.

  • Cultivate a highly-skilled, well-developed workforce!  Registered apprenticeship programs are perfect for providing the high-level skills needed by today's workforce. Each apprenticeship program includes a minimum of 2,000 hours of structured on-the-job training and 144 hours per year of related technical instruction. Apprentices take classes at Edison State to fulfill the necessary hours of related instruction while working full-time for you! Program participants earn a nationally recognized credential and can complete a certificate or degree program relevant to their work.

    An apprenticeship program gives you, as an employer, the opportunity to train potential employees with the skills needed to become valuable and highly-qualified additions to your organization. You gain access to a pool of potential employees who have received training that meets industry standards—and most importantly, meets your standards. Utilizing apprenticeship programs to satisfy workforce needs can help reduce turnover rate and the cost of recruiting talent—both of which help your bottom line—allowing your business to remain strong.

    Establish a resource for new and diverse talent!  As an employer, apprenticeship programs allow you to establish a pipeline to new and diverse talent that will help you maintain a well-developed workforce that will keep pace with industry advancements and technology. Apprenticeship programs give you the opportunity to provide on-the-job training for your future workforce by capturing the knowledge and experience of the highly-skilled employees that you currently employ. Maintaining highly-skilled workers helps to increase productivity which leads to increased profitability.

    Utilizing apprenticeship programs to satisfy workforce needs can help reduce turnover rate and the cost of recruiting talent—which helps your bottom line and allows your business to remain strong and grow.

    Edison State Community College can develop an apprenticeship program tailored to satisfy your needs. As a registered apprenticeship sponsor for the state of Ohio, Edison State offers the courses necessary to fulfill the required 144 hours of related technical instruction that apprentices need, while they work full-time and learn skills specific to your business. We will register each apprentice and will track related hours of instruction and on-the-job training. We will also provide coordination between your company and the apprentice(s) regarding enrollment in courses that meet the related hours of instruction standards established in the program.

    We love success stories!  We will be posting shortly.

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