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  • ACCUPLACER Assessment

    The ACCUPLACER Assessment is an untimed, computerized assessment that measures your current skill level in reading, writing and math.

    All degree- and certificate-seeking students are asked to apply for admission and complete the free ACCUPLACER Assessment before meeting with an admissions advisor. The ACCUPLACER Assessment provides both you and your advisor with important information about your current skill level, which in turn, determine the classes you will take at Edison State. Placement assessments are a measurement of current abilities—there is no pass or fail. The ACCUPLACER Assessment is given by appointment.

    Students who have taken the ACT or SAT within the past two years, or who have taken college-level math or English may not need to take a placement assessment. See the following FAQs for more information.

  • Reading, writing and math are assessed using the ACCUPLACER Assessment, a computer-based software package used by Edison State and other colleges. Basic computer knowledge is also assessed. A speed test in keyboarding is also available for students entering an office-based program.

    It is important that you do your best on the placement assessment. This assessment will indicate what level of coursework that you should enter. If you do not do your best, you may be placed into a class that is too easy for you, thus not making the best use of your time and financial resources.

    If your ACCUPLACER scores are low, you may need to take basic or remedial courses that do not count toward your degree. On the other hand, if you score well, you can save a lot of time, money and boredom by skipping these courses. Use these resources to prepare!

    General Resource for the ACCUPLACER Assessment 
    The official ACCUPLACER Web-Based Study App can be found by clicking here. This is a FREE app.

    Resources for the MATH portion of ACCUPLACER Assessment 
    It's easy to forget math after we get out of class. Practice and review to improve your math score. Register for a free account. Select "Build Your Math Skills" and then select "Basic Math Tutorials" (equivalent to MTH 096D) or "Algebra Skills".

    Visit the KhanAcademy. Register for a free account. Take a pre-test and watch videos to brush up on what you forgot. Focus on the type of math you have learned before: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus. 

    The placement assessments at Edison State are computer-based assessments. Please do not bring food, drink or cell phones with you.

    You will need to bring ONE form of appropriate identification. (Bring one of the following: state-issued photo ID, school-issued ID or College Board official ID form.)

    It will take 2–3 hours to complete the ACCUPLACER Assessment depending upon your placement level. Results are immediate.

    You will be permitted to re-assess in reading, writing and/or math using the ACCUPLACER Assessment. The following conditions apply.

    • You may re-assess after completion of approved, documented remediation on their own, in a formal review course, or completion of developmental classes.
    • You may re-assess after a minimum waiting period of 21 days.
    • You will be required to pay a $10 ACCUPLACER re-assessment fee each time that you re-assess, regardless of which portion of the assessment you take.

    Since the ACCUPLACER Assessment has been shown to be a highly reliable assessment, you may only take the assessment two times per year.

    EXCEPTION  Students who are formally requested by the developmental course instructor to reassess for program assessment purposes. 

    Call the number listed on this page to schedule your ACCUPLACER Assessment appointment.

    College Credit Plus students can learn more about program eligibility requirements and can register for ACCUPLACER Assessment appointments online at or by clicking here.

    After you have completed the ACCUPLACER Assessment, you will meet with an advisor to discuss your results and your next steps.