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  • CQIN Teams | Projects

    Information related to Edison State Community College CQIN Teams | Projects can be found below.

  • Team Members  Jill Bobb | Todd Brittingham | Sarah Hein | Paul Heintz | Doreen Larson | Mona Walters
    Theme Producing Future Success: Demonstrating Value Through Results
    Learning Partners Civitas Learning, Inc. | Elevations Credit Union | Intermark Group | National High Education Benchmark Association
    Project Change Management Strategies

    Team Members  Jill Bobb | Kara Myers | Patti Ross | Rebecca Schinaman | Becky Telford | Sharon Thomas | Mona Walters | Helen Willcox
    Theme Creating a Culture of Engagement to Optimize Organizational Systems and Performance
    Learning Partners The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company | Nestle Purina PetCare | Headwinds Ltd.
    Project "I Am Edison"

    Team Members  Scott Burnam | David Gansz | Heather Lanham | Linda Peltier | Patti Ross | John Shishoff | Cris Valdez | Mona Walters
    Theme Using Systems Thinking as a Catalyst to Drive Breakthrough Change
    Learning Partners Center for Organizational Learning at the MIT Sloan School of Management | Northwestern Mutual Insurance | Bridgeway Partners | Creative Learning Exchange
    Project Using Systems Thinking at the Cabinet Level

    Team Members  Maura Felts | Natalie Rindler | Lin Roberts | Cris Valdez | Mona Walters | Steve Whiteman
    Theme Creating a Culture of Accountability
    Learning Partners Kimberly-Clark Health Care | Lockheed Martin | Northwest Vista College | Partners In Leadership
    Project Accountability "Critters"

    Team Members  Scott Burnam | Debbie Hirtzinger | Cris Valdez |Mona Walters
    Theme Strengthening and Sustaining Leadership Excellence and Organizational Creativity
    Learning Partners Disney Institute/Disney World | NASA/Kennedy Space Center | City of Coral Springs, Florida
    Project Creating Edison Culture One "Link at a Time Through Internal Service Quality "Critters"