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Edison State Launches Charger Station

April 10, 2019

Charger Station

National research supports the idea that if a student is hungry, they’re not able to focus in the classroom. That’s why Edison State Community College has joined the nationwide movement to provide a food source to support students who may be distracted from studies by hunger.  

“In our daily interactions with students we know how many responsibilities they are juggling and that money can be tight for many of them,” said Jessica Chambers, Dean of Student Affairs at Edison State.  

A new food cabinet on campus, dubbed the “Charger Station,” has recently been stocked with snack items for students to grab a quick bite to eat on their way to class or pick up ingredients for a meal later.  

“It might not be all the time that students need access to the Charger Station, but life happens, so we want to give them an opportunity to have something to eat so they can focus on their education.”  

Cabinets are currently stocked with such snack items as cereal, cookies, granola bars, chips, tuna snack packs, nuts, fruit, and crackers; canned and boxed items such as pasta, pasta sauce, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, and ready-to-eat soup. Plans to expand offerings are dependent upon student needs. 

“We look for all the different ways that we might be able to help and support students while they’re here and this was just one way for the whole college community to contribute and get involved,” added Chambers.

The cabinets have already been set up at Edison State’s Piqua and Greenville Campuses, with plans to add a cabinet at the Eaton Campus in the near future. At the Piqua Campus, the Charger Station is located in the Tech Lounge adjacent to the art gallery in the East Hall. The Greenville Campus Charger Station is located in the student lounge. The food is free for the taking and students may help themselves during regular hours of operation.

“The Charger Station has been well-received in its first week. Moving forward we want to take an approach to ensure this initiative is sustainable to give our students the best opportunity for success,” added Chambers. “We also want to hear from students about any other needs they may have. It’s all about helping them to succeed.”

The Charger Station is currently operating solely on donations. For information on how to donate items and a list of ideas to donate to the Charger Station, call Velina Bogart, Success Advisor at Edison State at 937.778.7854.