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  • Alexis Bylczynski 

    Alexis Bylczynski

    Piqua, Ohio

    Alexis will be graduating from Edison State Community College as a high school sophomore. 

    I am sixteen-years-old and have been in the CCP program for about three years. I love animals and the internet. I enjoy anything that has a good storyline, including books and the Marvel series. I plan to go to Wright State University for my bachelor's degree and then continue for my master's degree.    

    What are you passionate about?  I am very passionate about my education, Marvel and religion. I love discussing anything along these lines with anyone I can if they are willing to listen. 

    What do you enjoy doing in your free time?  I enjoy binge watching YouTube videos or reading a good book or a good series of books.

    Who is your favorite instructor, coach or mentor?  This is a really tough question for me because I have had so many instructors in the past three years. I would have to say that Michael Ward would be my favorite. His class was always great because his teaching style was amazing and the topics that we would go over and then write about were interesting to me and to everyone else in the class.  

    If you could instantly become fluent in another language, what would it be?  I am already learning American Sign Language, so I would have to choose Spanish or French.

    What school activities, clubs or sports are you involved in?  I am a part of the CRU club and was very involved with the EROS club for about a year. I was also in my high school marching band for three years. 

    What are your career goals?  I plan to be a college sociology professor. I would also like to teach psychology and English. I have always been fond of more than one subject. 

    What influenced your decision to choose the particular major/career path that you are in?  My mother has been the biggest influencer in my life since she is a college professor. When I talk to people who do not know what to major in, I tell them to pursue a major in whatever class that they enjoy the most. For me, it was sociology and English. I have always loved helping people with school work and helping them to use critical thinking to find answers to questions that they may have.