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  • Mason Mocahbee 

    Mason Mocahbee

    Florence, Kentucky     
    Associate of Arts | Psychology

    I am studying psychology because I am interested in learning about human behavior. I would like to transfer to a larger school and play baseball after I graduate from Edison State.

    Do you have children and/or pets?  two dogs  

    What are your hobbies?  hunting and baseball  

    What weird food combination do you really like?  spaghetti tacos  

    What movie could you watch over and over without getting bored?  The Sandlot 

    Do you prefer paper books or digital books?  digital  

    What is your all-time favorite TV show?  Stranger Things 

    Who is your favorite musician/band?  Luke Combs

    What talent or skill do you wish you had?  I wish I could play the guitar.  

    What emoji do you use most often?  laughing face 

    If you could have lunch with anybody, who would it be?  Adrianna Hicks 

    Where do you get your news?  social media 

    What is your favorite sports team?  Boston Red Sox