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  • Workforce Development & Work-Based Learning

  • The Edison State Office of Workforce Development & Work-Based Learning is committed to developing an employer's greatest assets—their employees—and contributes to the economic success of area businesses, industries and private sector organizations by providing affordable and convenient professional development opportunities. The department offers an array of services that are invaluable to economic success and that provide training that can help you manage people and projects and provide professional advancement. Taking advantage of these services gives you and your employees the opportunity to increase job proficiency, learn how to respond to changes in the workplace, obtain nationally recognized certifications and sharpen entrepreneurial skills. The Office of Workforce Development & Work-Based Learning encompasses to following programs.

    Apprenticeships  Edison State is a registered apprenticeship sponsor for the state of Ohio. Apprenticeship programs are perfect for providing the high-level skills needed by today's workforce.

    Edison State Works  A workforce "connector hub" facilitating the connection of programs and services—with students, staff, businesses, industries and area residents.

    Employer Resources  Resources are available to you as employers. Learn how to post to our job board, hire an intern and more.

    Industry Partnerships  Edison State has partnered with local business to offer Associate of Technical Study (ATS) degree opportunities.

    TechCred  With Edison State as a training partner, employers have access to numerous short-term, technology-focused and industry recognized credentials which qualify for funding by Ohio's TechCred program.

    Work-Based Learning  A unique form of education that integrates classroom study with planned and supervised work experience.