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  • Senior Citizens

    Senior Citizens

    Learning is a life-long process and not one that is reserved only for those chronologically younger. You may find that now you have more time to focus on things that interest you. Maybe you would like to take an art class or learn a foreign language. Whether you are interested in learning something new, learning more about something that you are interested in or meeting people with similar interests—Edison State Community College is the place for you! We are fortunate to have a very accommodating and diverse college community—one in which you will feel comfortable being a part of. Our handicap-accessible campus makes getting around simple and easy.

    If you are age 60 or older and an Ohio resident, you have the opportunity to audit credit courses. Instructional fees are waived. You will be responsible for any other applicable fees. Enrollment for those who wish to audit a course is on a space-available basis and opens one week prior to the first day of each term.

    If you wish to earn credit for courses, you may pay the instructional fees, in addition to any other applicable fees. You may enroll anytime during the registration period. Additionally, you will be required to fulfill requirements outlined under regular admission.