• College Credit Plus

    College Credit Plus

    College Credit Plus (CCP) offers a unique opportunity for students to enhance and further their educational and career objectives while still in high school. CCP students can earn college and high school credit concurrently, accelerating their college careers at no cost. Credits are easily transferable to public and private universities nationwide. As college students, CCP participants learn a great deal about what's expected at the college level, easing their future transition to college life.

  • By March 30, you must notify your high school of your intent to participate in the program in the following school year. After March 30, if you have not notified your high school and you wish to participate, you will need special permission from your school district.

    Before you enroll in any courses, you and your parents must sign a statement indicating that you have received information about the program and are aware of your responsibilities regarding the program. If you are 18 or older, only your signature will be required.

    Edison State Community College has special entrance requirements that students must meet before being accepted into the CCP program. Students may take the Accuplacer Assessment or the ACT. Students who place into college level on either assessment will be accepted into the program. Placement scores for the Accuplacer Assessment are 5 or higher in Writing, 80 or higher in Reading and/or 44–109+ in Math (course placement determined by score). Placement scores for the ACT are 18 or higher in English 22 or higher in Reading and/or 22 or higher in Math. Edison State recommends prospective CCP students take the ACT as soon as possible but no later than April 2017. Official scores will need to be sent to Edison State from ACT.

    The number of high school credits you receive for college courses taken is determined by a formula as established by the Ohio Department of Education. One Carnegie Unit will be awarded by the high school upon successful completion of each college course of three or more credit hours. One Edison State credit is equal to .33 high school credits. Students may be able to take up to 30 credits hours in an academic year offered in a variety of formats. Keep in mind that if you are eligible to graduate from high school early, you still can participate in this program for the rest of your senior year. An early graduate is a student who has completed the graduation requirements before the normal graduation date.

    Participating in this program means that you may be scheduling classes at your high school and/or at a college campus. Yearly schedules and vacation times are usually different between the two. Sometimes it may be difficult or impossible to take the courses you want at both schools because of scheduling conflicts. Edison State advisors will assist you in choosing and registering for college courses regardless of location. Your high school guidance counselor will guide you in selecting the college classes you need but will not actually enroll you in those classes. A signed CCP Academic Advising Plan must be obtained from your guidance counselor prior to scheduling. Edison State students register for only one semester at a time. First-year students will be registered at orientation.

    If you would like to take online courses, you will need to complete the XLN 100S Online Readiness Workshop. This workshop is designed to test your preparedness for online learning and proficiency in using online learning tools. The workshop runs for one week and is completed online. You will need to complete this workshop with a 70% or better. The workshop may be repeated. The fee for this workshop is waived for CCP students.

    If attending classes on the college campus, parking passes are good for one year. Parking passes should be obtained prior to the first week of classes to avoid a parking fine. Students coming during peak class times will need to allow time to find a parking space. Students need to be in class before the class begins and stay until the class ends.

    Students must meet high school graduation requirements in order to earn a high school diploma. Review the requirements and your academic standing with your high school counselor or principal. Make sure that the number and types of courses you take will meet local graduation requirements. Keep in mind that the grades you earn in college courses may affect your high school grade point average, and may affect your eligibility to graduate.

    You may find college-level classes to be more accelerated and academically challenging than high school courses. You need to be able to work without supervision and have self-discipline both academically and socially. Be sure you are ready for these responsibilities. Courses taken on the college campus will likely include older students.

    If you take classes on the college campus, you will not be in your high school full-time. You may not be able to participate in some high school activities as a result of your enrollment in on-campus college courses. High school athletes need to check with their high school guidance counselor or athletic director to verify NCAA clearinghouse eligibility requirements.

    Edison State Community College has a full-time Disability Services Coordinator. If you are living with a physical or emotional disability, please contact us as soon as possible so that proper arrangements can be made to accommodate you.

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