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  • Student Worker Programs

    Student Worker Programs, previously known as Work-Study Programs, provide students with the opportunity to work on campus while going to school. If hired, your supervisor will work with you to schedule your work hours around your class schedule. These positions allow you to get more involved on campus, while providing you with the means to help with expenses. You are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week and will be paid $9.30 per hour or current minimum wage.


    There are two student worker programs at Edison State Community College—federal and non-federal.

    1. The Federal Student Worker Program allows a student's hourly wages to be paid from federal aid funds. We typically have more funding available under the federal program, which allows for more student worker positions. However, not all applicants are eligible under the Federal Student Worker Program.
    2. The Non-Federal Student Worker Program allows a student's salary to be paid from the departmental budget in which the student is employed.

    To be considered for a student worker program, you MUST complete the online Student Worker Application AND meet the following conditions:

    • You must have a current award year FAFSA on file.
    • You must be pursuing a degree at Edison State (transient students are not eligible).
    • You must be registered for a minimum of one (1) credit hour.
    • You cannot be enrolled in the College Credit Plus (CCP) Program.
    • You must submit the Student Worker Application.

    NOTE  All applicants will be reviewed for eligibility in the Federal Student Worker Program before being considered for the Non-Federal Program.


    IMPORTANT  Positions may be available in different areas throughout the college. Please contact the Human Resources Office at 937.778.7832 for more information on available positions.