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  • Student Complaint Form

    Please use the form below should you find yourself in conflict with a college process or policy—academic or non-academic—or if you are dissatisfied with the delivery of services provided by a college faculty or staff member. 

    (Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields and cannot be left blank.)

         Your Information
    *Full Name    
    *Student ID#    
          Your Student ID# can be found on your Student ID card.
          Required format 000-000-0000
         Complaint Information
    *Type of Complaint    
          If you selected "Class/Academic Related" above, please provide class info here.
    *Date of Incident      [None] Select a Date Delete the Date
          Click on left calendar to add a date. Click on right calendar to delete a date.
    *Individual(s) Involved    
          If multiple individuals are involved, enter each name followed by a semicolon [ ; ].
    *Describe the Incident      
    *    Did you communicate directly with the individual?
    *    Briefly describe below the outcome of your direct communication
     with the person(s) involved in the incident/issue in your attempt
     to resolve it. If you did not communicate with the individual(s)
     involved, please explain why you did not.
         What do you think would be a good solution to your issue?


    IMPORTANT  By clicking the SUBMIT FORM button below, I confirm that the above statements are true and that I am requesting intervention by the appropriate administrator. I also grant permission to the investigating official to discuss this complaint with the individual(s) named, in order to resolve the situation.

    Please review information for accuracy before submitting form.