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    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! You've worked hard to get where you are. We are confident that you will enjoy your experience at Edison State Community College. Whether you want to take classes for transfer to a four-year university or to prepare for one of today's in-demand career fields, at Edison State you will enjoy the best of both worlds—personal attention and a quality education.

    Why choose Edison State?

    Size  Thanks to our small class sizes you will get the attention you need to get the grades you want. And just as at the best private colleges—you will get to know your professors and fellow students and make friends for a lifetime. With an abundance of clubs, sports and events on campus—there is plenty of opportunity to join in the fun.

    Setting  We are proud of our beautiful 130-acre campus, rural heritage and natural setting and we think that you will agree. Whether it’s playing disc golf, using the outdoor exercise facility or soaking up some sun in the courtyard—the landscape and natural setting gives you that residential college feeling that you are looking for. 

    Cost  You don’t have to drown in student debt to get the education you need. Edison State's classes meet degree requirements at all of Ohio’s public and private colleges and universities.  

    Planning to transfer to a four-year college?

    START STRONG at Edison State Community College. Edison State's "2 + 2 University Transfer" degrees are your gateway to over 250 bachelor's degrees at Ohio's public and private universities, as well as to colleges across the United States. See the following FAQs for more information. 

  • Edison State has a "2 + 2 University Transfer" program. Start at Edison State and transfer your coursework for another degree. Our small class sizes and affordable tuition make it easy to launch your bachelor's degree close to home.

    Edison State's "2 + 2 University Transfer" degrees are your gateway to over 250 bachelor's degrees at Ohio's public and private universities, as well as to colleges across the United States.

    • The Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree parallels the first two years of a bachelor of arts degree and is ideal for students pursuing majors in the social sciences, humanities and arts. 
    • The Associate of Science (A.S.) degree parallels the first two years of a bachelor of science degree and is ideal for students pursuing majors in science, technology engineering, mathematics and business. 

    If you plan to transfer, we encourage you to:

    1. Identify your transfer major and transfer school as soon as possible. 
    2. Consult with both Edison State and transfer university advisors. 
    3. Carefully follow the Ohio Transfer 36 established by the Ohio Board of Regents.

    The Edison State staff works closely with four-year institutions to keep programs up-to-date and transferable. Edison State's Transfer Agreements with area colleges and universities list the courses that you can take at Edison State to prepare for popular majors at nearby schools.

    Recent Edison State graduates have transferred to Bluffton, Bowling Green, Capital, University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, Franklin, Miami, Ohio Northern, Ohio State, Ohio University, University of Toledo, Wittenberg, Wright State, Xavier and many more.

    Edison State's academic advisors utilize a variety of tools to ensure and maximize the transferability of your college credit to meet the degree requirements of other institutions, including:

    Ohio Higher Ed
    Interested in going to college in Ohio? The University Systems of Ohio has created a site especially for you. The goal is to help connect future college students with information on how to plan, apply, and pay for your education at Ohio's public universities, community colleges, and adult career centers.

    Ohio Transfer 36  
    By following the Ohio Transfer 36, Edison State students can satisfy the general education requirements at other Ohio colleges and universities. The Ohio Transfer 36 contains a minimum of 36 semester hours of courses in the fields of English, mathematics, arts/humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and natural and physical sciences.

    Transfer Agreements  
    Edison State has transfer agreements with area colleges and universities which list courses that you can take at Edison State to prepare for popular majors at various institutions. See the Transfer Agreements list for information on transferring credits to and from Edison State. Contact an advisor for more detailed information.

    Transferology details course equivalencies between colleges and universities in Ohio by school and by course. It enables you to find out what credits will transfer where, and how those credits apply to a program of study.

    Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGS)
    Developed by the Ohio Board of Regents and created by The University Systems of Ohio, the Transfer Assurance Guides provide information on general and specific education coursework that students can complete and transfer. See Edison State Transfer Assurance Guide approved courses here.

    Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE)
    The Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education provides several resources for new and transfer students including:

    • School contact information
    • Degree finder for consortium schools
    • Cross registration procedures

    Edison State Community College has entered into partnerships with several universities to offer degree completion programs. These partnerships are designed for students who have completed technical A.A.S., A.A.B., or A.T.S. and A.A./A.S. degrees who wish to continue their education beyond the associate degree. Many students may take additional coursework at Edison State that will apply towards the completion of a bachelor degree.

    Click here for more information. 

  • Looking for a fast track to a hot career?

    We can guide you toward a career path that aligns with your interests and we'll show you what high-paying jobs are in demand locally and across the country.

    Not sure what you want to study? 

    Our career pathways advisors can help you match your strengths to a program of study that’s just the right fit.