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  • Edison State Library

    Textbooks on Reserve

    Do you need access to a textbook? The Library maintains Closed Reserve copies of textbooks for the Top 25 enrolled courses taught at Edison State Community College. Closed Reserve means that the books may be used in the Library, but may not be removed. Use your Library Barcode on your Edison State Student ID to check out a textbook during normal Library hours.

    Textbooks for additional classes may also be available if they have been donated to the library. 

    The Top 25 enrolled courses at Edison State are

    ACC 121S Introduction to Financial Accounting
    GEN 101S First-Year Experience 
    BIO 121S Introduction to Biology   HUM 121S Introduction to Humanities 
    BIO 125S Anatomy and Physiology I 
      MTH 096D Basic Mathematics                                                                
    BIO 126S Anatomy and Physiology II
     MTH 097D Beginning Algebra 
    BUS 110S Introduction to Business
     MTH 098D Intermediate Algebra I
    CHM 110S Introduction to Chemistry 
      MTH 122S College Algebra
    CHM 111S Basic Chemistry of Life Processes
     MTH 125S General Statistics 
    CIT 110S Computer Concepts and Applications
      PHI 123S Introduction to Ethics
    COM 121S Fundamentals of Communication    PLS 121S American National Government
    ECO 221S Principles of Microeconomics
     PSY 121S Introduction to Psychology
    ENG 091D Basic Writing
     REL 121S World Religions
    ENG 121S Composition I    SOC 121S Introduction to Sociology
    ENG 122S Composition II