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    To assist in the reaffirmation of our accreditation to guide Edison State Community College in it's goal to help students realize their dreams.




    August–December 2022  Review of evidence gathered with first draft of assurance report maintained since 2018; Task Force created to rewrite report and evaluate current evidence


    January 2023  Task Force A assembled to work on narrative for Assurance Report.

    May 2023  Federal Compliance Team assembled.


    January 2023  Report to employees the status and expectations of accreditation at Duty Days. 

    April–May 2023  First email Newsletter goes out—introducing the basics about Accreditation.

    • Notification of required meetings that will take place beginning in the Fall.Two dates will be scheduled for each workshop to ensure attendance.


    June–July 2023  Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) will revise report to move from System Portfolio writing to Narrative Report, adding summaries. Analysis of other reports to assist in the rewrite.

    June–September 2023  Collect updated evidence and evidence for new areas and legend where evidence will go.

    June–August 2023  Federal Compliance Team completes report and addresses requirements missing from the website. 


    June–July 2023  Create advertisements, postcards, social media posts and Charger emails, some of which should include dates for upcoming Fall workshops. 

    June–August 2023  Create monthly Accreditation newsletter and distribute.


      August–September 2023  Review Assurance Argument edits.

      September–November 2023  Finalize Federal Compliance Report.

      October 2023  Tack Force A provides Full Argument Review and Introduction is written.

      November–December 2023  Assurance Argument's final check with updated evidence.

      • November 3, 2023  Assurance Argument goes to tech writer for review.
      • November 8, 2023  Task Force A's final review of the Assurance Argument.
      • December 18, 2023  Assurance Argument is complete and is sent to the President for review. 


      August 2023  Semester postcards sent to partners and employees

      August–December 2023  Bi-weekly Accreditation Newsletter published.

      • August: Criteria 1 & 2
      • September: Criteria 3
      • October: Criteria 4
      • November: Criteria 5

      August–December 2023  Tell Your Story Workshops (employees) via Zoom.

      • September 7 & 11 at 3:00 p.m.: Criteria 1 & 2
      • October 2 & 5 at 3:00 p.m.: Criteria 3
      • November 2 & 6 at 3:00 p.m.: Criteria 4
      • December 4 & 7 at 3:00 p.m.: Criteria 1 & 5

      October–November 2023  Tell Your Story Workshops (students). Four workshops covering a mixture of criteria information. Dates to come.


      Early January 2024  Semester postcards sent to partners and employees. 

      January–February 2024  Weekly Accreditation Newsletter published.

      January–February 2024  HLC Mock Visit for employees. (Required for full-time employees; Optional but encouraged for part-time employees)

      Two sessions for each of the following

      • Administrative/Executive
      • Staff
      • Faculty/Adjuncts/CCP Instructors (one day/one evening)


      January 29, 2024  Document submission Lock Date. 


      February 2024  Campus and Visit preparations

      February 26–27, 2024  HLC Review Team site visit 

      May–June 2024  Official notice of outcome from HLC