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  • Faces of Edison State

    Yang Liu

    Hometown…  Xi'An, China

    Family/Pets…  Cat named Mimi

    Hobbies…  Swimming

    Major…  Associate of Science

    Favorite place to eat…  Cheesecake Factory

    Favorite movie…  "Inception"

    Favorite book…  Harry Potter

    Favorite TV show…  Cosmos"

    Favorite musician or band… Klaypex

    Favorite device or app…  PC

    Talent that you wish you possessed…  Any musical talent

    If you could eat lunch with anybody, who would it be?  Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    A mantra or saying you live by…  "Always keep an open mind."

    Favorite sports team…  TSM

    What influenced your decision to choose the major/career path you did?  I grew up with computers all around me as my uncle was very into them. The fascination of a machine created by you that could do complex calculations and display colorful images, excites my young mind.

    What do you plan to do after graduating from Edison State?  I will move on with my education with computer science and possibly explore more interests in other majors and minors.

    Do you have any advice for incoming students?  Remember that we are here to enrich our souls and get an education for a brighter future. Don't be distracted by friends and fun.