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Edison State Remains Committed to Student Success

May 12, 2020

President Larson

Dr. Doreen Larson
President of Edison State

Edison State Community College President Dr. Doreen Larson provided the fourth annual State of the College address online Tuesday morning to update the community with an overview of the accomplishments, strategic initiatives, and vision for the future of Edison State. 

“Unique times call for the unique responses, and so I think this is the first virtual State of the College address from Edison State,” said Larson. 

President Larson began her address by recognizing the 2020 Edison State graduating class. 

“I want to begin my presentation today with a shout-out to our 2020 graduates. These are students who faced amazing challenges and barriers, and yet they let nothing stop them. They have a bright future ahead of themselves.” 

As many institutions are facing an economic downturn, President Larson recognized the staff and faculty of Edison State for their ongoing commitment to success. 

“At Edison State, we have had amazing student-centered staff. We have had part-time and full-time faculty dedicated to students and dedicated to innovation,” added Larson. 

“We’ve had a history of very strong financial strength and conservative fiscal approaches, and we’ve always been a great partner with our community. Within this critical environment, these strengths have come to the forefront of Edison State. These approaches have sustained us as an institution throughout all of the challenges while also enabling us to grow and create even within some of the limitations that are being provided by the current environment and certainly within the economy and the health crisis.” 

Larson went on to recite the mission statement of the college and how it drives the institution. It is the mission of Edison State Community College to provide the learning opportunities, support services, and commitment that enables students to complete their educational goals and realize their dreams. 

“At Edison State, we have focused continually on the affordability of our programs. I want to emphasize that a full-time student for a full year at Edison State, the annual cost is less than $5,000 out the door. I hope that everyone listening today remembers that number and understands that those credits transfer to any university, and those credits lead to great careers,” said Larson. 

“Along with that value for students, Edison State has implemented a 100-percent scholarship for every 2020 high school graduate from within the region of Edison State. We didn't want students or families to have that worry in front of them about what's going to happen in the fall. We don't mind being your fallback institution. We don't mind being your first choice. We just want you to keep going with your college career and career goals.” 

“I also want to emphasize how our faculty have stepped up during this spring term and helped our students succeed. Students were challenged with transitioning to online learning, and our faculty were as well in midstream of the semester. They had to change their syllabi, they changed methods of instruction, and it is a credit to the partnership of the students and the faculty as to how successful our students were. We had very few students needing to withdraw, we have very few students not completing their degrees, and we are just so proud of that.” 

President Larson also noted that The Edison Foundation, while having to cancel events, has also continued to receive community support for student scholarship opportunities. 

“The Edison Foundation has continued to thrive. We had a very successful Girls’ Night Out–Little Black Dress event which still raised money for scholarships without holding a traditional event. We had a successful Charger Athletics Reverse Raffle which was also held remotely. And we've been able to continually fund student scholarship opportunities, which is just an amazing tribute to our donors.” 

“I would encourage everyone who listens today to please consider giving to The Edison Foundation. These are dollars that go directly to students. Students need your help, and they need to be in college, working toward that career.” 

President Larson noted additional areas of strength for the college, including the leadership of the Board of Trustees, College Credit Plus Partnerships, and co-curricular programs, which include internships and apprenticeships, and community partnerships. 

“The Edison State Board of Trustees have the leadership experience, and they have business experience. Throughout their term at Edison State, they have kept us on track in terms of our reserves and in terms of how we approach things fiscally as a business. They have really positioned us well to weather this storm, and they continue to position us well,” said Larson.

“Our college credit plus partnerships are still going strong, and we are grateful for those because that is the future of our college. It's very important to understand that Edison State courses transfer to any four-year program that your student is interested in.”

“Edison State’s co-curricular programs have emphasized internships and apprenticeships, and those continued to grow. So, students who are in programs at Edison State can get the apprenticeship experience, businesses can get that apprentice in and have the experience, and we also have great success with our interns.” 

“Edison State has built our growth on partnerships. Anytime we’ve expanded either a program or a facility we have built that on a partnership and so we have been able to give back to the community through partnerships. One example is our EMT program with Troy Firefighters. We know we need first responders, we know getting those folks out is very important, and again we've been able to maintain that partnership to achieve those goals.” 

The State of the College address included a short video that demonstrated student population growth from the college’s establishment in 1973 to today, particularly noting the area of growth in online learning beginning in 2015.

“This was when we made a business change and decided to start emphasizing online learning and boy that has helped us now as we've translated a lot of our learning online.” 

President Larson concluded her speech by wishing well to all of those listening. 

“I want to urge all of you to please put your health and the health of your family in front of every other priority. We are a strong community, we are a very strong country, and we can recover. Keep yourself safe, healthy, and look forward to a brighter future.” 

Visit the link below to view President Larson's address, download a digital brochure, or request a printed copy.

State of the College