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Edison State Employees Recognized at Banquet

March 05, 2020

2020 Employee Milestone Honorees

Front Row (L to R): Morgan Abney, Velina Bogart, Kara Myers, and Peggy Wiggins; Back Row (L to R): Chris Spradlin, Christina Raterman, Elizabeth Hartwig, Marci Langenkamp, Tom Looker, Amber Selhorst, Mona Walters, Steve Whiteman, Harry Lawhorn, and Linda Peltier 

Nineteen employees were recognized for a combined total of 265 years of service in their careers at Edison State Community College’s 41st annual employee recognition banquet on Friday, February 28, 2020. 

Bruce McKenzie Director of Marketing Communications emceed the event, quizzing the audience with jeopardy-style questions about each of the honorees. The Edison State Human Resources Department which consists of Elizabeth DuBois, Kara Myers, Linda Peltier, and Denise Shaffer, coordinated and hosted the event. 

Edison State President Dr. Doreen Larson commended the honorees. “Every year our employee recognition teams work to make our annual banquet something very special and very fun. Our employees at Edison State are very special and we do take pride and joy in working alongside them every day. It was great to take some time to recognize individuals and celebrate our college’s outstanding team.” 

The following employees were recognized for reaching significant milestones in their careers at Edison State: Twenty-Five Years: Harry Lawhorn, Linda Peltier, Chuck Whitney; Twenty Years: Mona Walters, Steve Whiteman; Fifteen Years: Velina Bogart, Tom Looker, Amber Selhorst, Peggy Wiggins; Ten Years: Morgan Abney, Elizabeth Hartwig, Harold Hitchcock, Marci Langenkamp, Thomas Martinez, Kara Myers; Five Years: Melissa Cain, Nate Cole, Christina Raterman, Dustin Wenrich. 

Randi Wheaton

Randi Wheaton 

During the banquet, it was announced that the portrait of former staff member Randi Wheaton would be added to Edison State’s Wall of Memories. 

Wheaton, who spent 25-years as a switchboard operator at Edison State, was selected for playing a pivotal role on campus. When Wheaton was hired, not everyone had an email or even a computer, making her role as switchboard operator even more challenging. She answered phones, took care of mailings, and handled any other requests which we required her attention. Wheaton maintained a positive attitude, even when receiving over 2,000 inbound calls in one day. Her professional and calm manner will be forever remembered inside the walls of Edison State.   

The Wall of Memories, established in 1998 by members of the Academic Forum, is dedicated to former Edison State employees who significantly impacted the lives of students, faculty, and staff who will forever be recognized as part of the college community.