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Edison State Stepping Up to Assist Students

June 26, 2020

Year 1 At Home

Edison State Community College is providing Ohio students some things that are in short supply right now—certainty and safety. Ohio’s community colleges have come together to launch a new initiative to help first-year college students put aside questions about where and how they’ll go to college this coming fall by answering the pressing question—at home and online.

Known as “Year 1 at Home” the new effort by Ohio’s public two-year colleges is aimed at reminding students and their families of community colleges’ long-time expertise in online instruction, their low tuition and the fact that first-year general education requirements are almost universally the same at all institutions and credits transfer easily.

“Who knows what the higher education landscape will look like this fall? And who knows if, after saving for years and then paying large sums for tuition in a residential setting, conditions may force students to wind-up at home again learning online anyway,” said Jack Hershey, President and CEO of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges (OACC). “During these challenging times, many students need assurances about the availability and affordability of their college classes. Year 1 at Home wipes away all of these unnecessary stress points, replaces them with certainty and lets students move forward focused on learning and their futures.”

With Ohio having a wide variety of public and private universities throughout the state, Edison State is proud to have strong working partnerships with most of these institutions. Additionally, students benefit through the seamless transfer of credits when they finish their degree or attend Edison State to complete their general education requirements.

Dr. Larson, president of Edison State noted, “Edison State has been focused on expanding and improving our online options for several years, so in many ways, we are way ahead of traditional colleges in the expertise of our faculty and the sophistication of our support for providing online learning. The “Year 1 at Home” message highlights both the tuitions savings and the high quality of enrolling for transfer courses at Edison State.”

In the past, Ohio’s leaders have required Ohio’s colleges, both two- and four-year institutions, to accept each other’s credits, especially when transferring from two-year to four-year colleges. This not only helps keep costs down, but it also provides students more options as to where to attend and how they pursue their educational aspirations. This is extremely important when juggling obligations like career and family.

With 23 community colleges located throughout Ohio close to many communities, "Year 1 at Home" helps students realize their dream of a college education in a significant way. Edison State is committed in helping students around our region do just that. 

For more information on the Year 1 at Home campaign, contact Edison State Community College at 937.778.8600 or visit us at