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  • Haley Huffman 

    Haley Huffman

    Sidney, Ohio

    Do you have children and/or pets?  a cat named Bear and six ducks  

    What is your favorite hobby or boredom buster?  watching Netflix; hanging with friends

    What weird food combination do you really like?  pretzels and Chick-fil-A sauce

    What is your favorite type of candy?  Skittles  

    What movie could you watch over and over without getting bored?  "After"   

    Best show to binge watch?  "Criminal Minds" 

    Who is your favorite music genre?  Pop

    Who is your favorite sports team(s)?  Browns

    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?  New York City 

    What talent or skill do you wish you had?  I wish I was artistic.  

    What emoji do you use most often?  laughing emoji 

    If you could eat lunch with anybody, who would it be?  Ian Somerholder 

    If you could instantly learn another language without studying, what would it be?  Spanish 

    Are you currently serving in the military or are you a military veteran? If so, in which branch did you or are you serving in?  No 

    What influenced your decision to choose the major or career path that you did?  I wanted to become a nurse because of my passion for helping others. When I was young, I was in and out of hospitals and it was the amazing nurses that made the experience better. I hope to one day do the same thing for other children. 

    What do you plan to do after graduating from Edison State?  I plan on transferring to Cleveland State University to get my bachelor's degree in nursing.