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  • James Rego

    James Rego

    Piqua | Ohio

    Hobbies  Hiking, biking, lifting, sports

    Major  Electro-Mechanical Engineering

    Favorite place(s) to eat  Wendy's, Chipotle, Godfather's Pizza

    Favorite movie(s)  "Step Brothers," "The Lucky One" and "Saving Private Ryan"

    Favorite book(s)  "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" and "Shoe Dog"

    Favorite TV show(s)  "Game of Thrones," "The Office" and "Dexter"

    Favorite musician or band  Zach Brown Band

    Favorite device(s) or app(s)  XPS IS laptop, iPhone

    Talent(s) that you wish you possessed  Snapping with both hands, dolphin training

    If you could eat lunch with anybody, who would it be?  Bill Burr

    A mantra or saying you live by  The past is the past, bills are still due and the birds still sing. 

    Favorite sports team(s)  Miami Dolphins, Alabama, Florida Gators, Georgia 

    What influenced your decision to choose the major/career path you did?  I loved playing with legos and playing mechanic as a kid. Thomas Looker provided guidance to me. 

    What do you plan to do after graduating from Edison State?  I plan to move to Florida to work in the boating industry. I want to travel and then start a family. 

    What is the best advice that you have ever received or been given?  Try new things even if it is scary or unfamiliar. I changed my major three times and wasted a lot of time because of fear—fear of failure and trying new things. 

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