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  • Terri Calvert 

    Terry Calvert

    Hometown  I reside in Houston, Ohio.

    Family/Pets  I have two daughters, two sons-in-law and a two-month old granddaughter. I used to have horses and dogs, but am currently petless.

    In what branch did you serve?  I served thirteen years in the United State Navy and ten years in the United States Air Force.

    What rank/job title did you hold?  I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel and was a pilot throughout my entire career.

    Where were you deployed?  I was incredibly fortunate to be in squadrons that were constantly deploying and our typical missions required deploying single aircraft as opposed to entire squadrons. I spent time in over forty countries as well as may out of the way places like Kwajalein, Diego Garcia, Ascension Island and La Reunion.

    Why did you enlist?  I earned my private pilot's license while in high school and loved flying. As an aerospace engineering co-op student at the Naval Air Test Center I had the privilege of working with engineers and Navy and Marine test pilots testing new fleet aircraft. This amazing experience opened my eyes to an opportunity to continue flying, while serving at the same time. How could anyone pass that up?.

    How long were you enlisted?  I was enlisted for twenty-three years.

    What was the single most important thing that you learned from your time spent in the service?  Military personnel are consistently asked to accomplish difficult tasks at a your age. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE CAPABLE THAN WE THINK WE ARE! And when we work as a unit to accomplish a common goal—we are unstoppable.

    What is your proudest military achievement?  The day that I earned my Naval Aviation Wings is a day that I will never forget. The road to get to flight school was long and flight school was a very rigorous course. It's the things that we work the hardest for—that make us the most proud.

    If you had an infinite amount of money to use for a good cause, what would it be?  I would first reframe the question because unlimited funds may not solve some of our biggest problems. If I had an infinite amount of time to use for a good cause—I think that I would take young girls on backpacking trips. Being in the mountains—hiking rough terrain while carrying everything that you need and depending only upon yourself—builds confidence, strength and courage.