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  • Jonathon Miles 

    Jonathon Miles

    Where do you live?  I am from Honeoye, New York.

    Do you have children and/or pets?  I have a fiancé and children.

    What do you like to do in your free time?  I enjoy the outdoors—including hunting, fishing and competitive shooting.

    In what branch did you serve?  I served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

    What rank/job title did you hold?  I held the rank of Sergeant (E-5) Motor Vehicle Licensing Chief.

    Where were you deployed?  I was deployed to Afghanistan.

    Why did you enlist?  I enlisted because I remember the horror that our country experienced on September 11, 2001, when I was in the fifth grade and I wanted to make a difference. Enlisting was also a way to help pay for college.

    How long were you enlisted?  I was enlisted for seven years and two months.

    What was the single most important thing that you learned from your time spent in the service?  The value of human life, the value of friendship and the importance of setting a good example.

    What is your proudest military and/or personal achievement?  I received three Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals for superior performance of duties. One was received for missions completed in Afghanistan; one for the safe recovery of five downed aircraft here in the States; the third for fixing a completely failing program and transforming it into the largest licensing office in 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.

    If you had an infinite amount of money to use for a good cause, what would it be?  I would buy my parents a new home and a new car. They have worked so hard to provide for me and my sisters. I would then donate as much as possible to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.